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19 February, 2024

We will see you from April 12 to 14, 2024 in Benalmadena, Malaga, to enjoy a new edition of the “Battle For Hercules”.

14 February, 2024

In the last 6 months, the SIC brand has achieved great success in the world of SUP racing worldwide. Let’s take a look!

9 February, 2024

Our partner Chore Waterman offers you a few tips for your Stand Up Paddle routes in winter time. Explore in the snow with your SUP board!

8 February, 2024

The Axis brand continues to perfect the world of foil. The new Sptifire 1180 wing offers action, speed and control in downwinds

12 January, 2024

The Red Paddle brand provides us with important safety tips for the different journeys you take with your inflatable SUP board.

7 January, 2024

Since 2018, Starboard’s Plastic Offset Program (POP) has been reducing the amount of waste polluting the marine environment.

Up Suping: The Stand Up Paddle digital magazine

Like you, we are lovers of this sport. We want to keep all the fans and public who like to paddle to make a good course, catch waves, downwind, train to compete and have a good time. We want you to enjoy yourself, make friends and have great experiences.

Up Suping is a communication medium developed in Spain that reflects the current situation of Stand Up Paddle at a national and international level through its digital magazine, and since 2015 with its website.

From Up#0, created in summer of 2012, you can see a magazine with a big content of news, information from different places of Spain, national and international interviews, reports from events or championships, photographic material and much more. Its digital format makes it accessible to all audiences and with immediate speed. It can be perfectly visualized in the most used digital platforms today such as the computer, tablet or mobile; from the Issuu portal, which is where all our numbers are, it is perfectly adapted for comfortable reading. A free magazine for everyone. Its publication is quarterly, the ideal period for the preparation of the layout of this magazine and all its content.

If you like Stand Up Paddle, you will like Up Suping. And through this website and our social profiles, we will keep you informed about every one of the events and competitions that take place around the world. And, we will interview many people who in one way or another make this sport grow every day, and we hope that you enjoy each issue of our digital magazine.

We invite you to subscribe to this website, so that you are the first to be informed of any news that we publish about Stand Up Paddle at the international level and follow the growth of this sport by your side. Thank you for being part of Up Suping!

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