Up Suping#35

4 February, 2022

And you … What do you feel every time you are arriving at your usual spot to do Stand Up Paddle? What do you feel when you go down the stairs from the beach towards the sand? How would you describe that first touch of water with your feet? Surely you have ever hit that cry of emotion to reconnect with our world, the one that disconnects us from everything and makes us be ourselves. At that moment, our body generates a series of components, which right now I don’t remember what they are, that produce pleasure and emotion in abundance. A chemical mix that makes you feel like a motorcycle. Well, if all this happens to you, you are on the right way…

This sport is growing, a lot… When something grows so large, it can sometimes be difficult to go along with it, it can escape you and even lose it. The best of all is that your body sends you warning signals so that you open your eyes and see where the current is and continue on this wave. Honesty, perseverance and love. I think they are the 3 pillars that keep us in the orbit of the SUP. And this new mag, which will help more than one understand that Up Suping is for ¨SUPers¨, is so intense that you will either love it or hate it. But better take your time to enjoy it. You will like it…like when you go down Stair 10 of Gijón smiling…Ladies and gentlemen…Welcome to Up#35!

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