Up Suping#33

31 October, 2021

Life goes on, the world keeps turning and we rowing. Or did you think that something or someone would stop us? ¨Time does not stop¨, is a phrase that has not been out of my head for a long time, because time determines that internal clock that we carry inside and tells you to make the most of every moment. What will the weather be tomorrow to go rowing? How much free time do I have to go surf some waves with my LongSUP? We live with this word every day, it even determines emotional states and it will interfere in many of our decisions. We must adapt to it, follow its flow and even be precise… but not always. Sometimes it is good to break the rhythms of our lives and receive the unexpected …

And the next pages you will see are the clear meaning of time. The time that favored us to row in the snow, the time that our collaborators had to go out to row in still confined cities of the world, the time that did not affect a family enjoying themselves in Portugal. The time we have been waiting to go out to compete and see the ¨SUPer¨ family. The time that you are going to dedicate to this magazine will be the time that will never end by thanking you once again for being here with us. A glorious time of great reading. Ladies and gentlemen… Welcome to Up#33!


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