Up Suping#30

5 November, 2020

We are not going to lie to you: this has been one of the most intense numbers we have published. And we speak on behalf of each of the collaborators, editors, photographers, advertisers, and many more. After those happy weeks that we will never forget when thinking about Up#30 and its creation, a mix of great sensations was breathed. High voltage for rowing more than ever, for expelling all the contained rage and with the mission of living with better purposes. Accustomed to publishing SUP events, this time we had to go up another notch and give our readers even better content. But as the days went by, this number began to write itself… We took advantage of the impulse of the new ¨SUPers¨ and wrote for them, we refreshed our minds with the young promises and as always, we travelled in the memories of adventurous riders through the world. And in the end, we managed to get the number 30, almost nothing. Has the Covid-19 changed us at all? And the SUP beat the virus? The only solution to these questions is to turn the page and enjoy. Ladies and gentlemen … Welcome to Up#30!


Read Up#30 here

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