Up Suping#34

31 October, 2021

Surely you have ever heard about “a roller coaster of sensations”, “a storm of feelings” …right? And I’m sure you’ve felt this more than once. And don’t you think that the Stand Up Paddle can feel it too? Everything that grows, evolves and has its appeal, is a magnet for extremes. It can be both wonderful and scary. But he has the ability to generate so much pleasure and gratitude that he can even stand up for himself; although it wouldn’t be the same without the people who feed it. The ¨SUPers¨ have that naturalness that characterizes this sport, that union and emotion that you only feel with the sea as a setting or a swamp in the middle of nowhere. We make loneliness feel sheltered, and noise achieves freedom.

This mag a rollercoaster of the great ones, where your emotions can go up and down quickly, meeting riders who are in their great moment after many years paddling. Where going out to paddle in a simple reservoir awakens your curiosity and you end up knowing its fateful history or see how someone with functional diversity poses real challenges with SUP. And the hugs with masks and reunions at this year’s events…what a storm of feelings! Where paddliing 720 km puts you to the test on a human level, or where a 40 knot wind at your back makes your whole body vibrate. Ladies and gentlemen…Welcome to Up#34!

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