Up Suping#31

27 January, 2021

¨What the SUP has joined, not to be separated by man¨. In the last 12 months, the words ¨pandemic, coronavirus or state of alarm¨ were repeated in our minds a thousand times. Also in previous editions of our digital magazine we have talked about the effort of the ¨SUPera¨ community and the dedication for this sport to continue growing amidst a sea of ​​doubts all over the planet. In the end you did well… we did very well! Because we continue to paddle together, we project a future with SUP up to where our dreams do not give more of themselves and only feeding our desires to take a paddle in the water is how everything continues to roll.

At the end of the day, surely it was all a matter of time, and patience. These last two words are the ones that every Stand Up Paddle practitioner must keep in mind when waiting for the best day to make a crossing, when he must be patient for the wave to come to take him to shore or cross the fast that shakes without stop at a whitewater river. From Up Suping we know that you have finished a stage, you have squeezed that long wave and are waiting for the next to go up another level in your ¨supping¨; The same happens with this edition because it taught us that perseverance, work, time and patience are essential. This is a long wave. Ladies and gentlemen… Welcome to Up # 31!


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