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Our digital magazine has a quarterly publication, a wonderful time in which we gather a lot of information on all the modalities of Stand Up Paddle and Foil, thanks to all our collaborators and design team, to offer you a magnificent reading whenever you want it.

In this section, you can find all our published issues, from the Up#0 pilot to the current one. And both in Spanish and English, so that our work has a worldwide reach. Now you only have to choose which one you want to read and let yourself be carried away by the wonderful world of SUP!

Dear reader, a new year is already underway. The world´s a little agitated, right? And, of course, the Stand Up Paddle was not going to be less. We are used to it or, simply, we like to believe that everything goes great when something grows. And it’s true, I don’t want to annoy the happiness […]

Youth divine treasure! Yes, it sounds like an old saying and something cheesy, but… it’s a reality. 2022 will be remembered for the year, in which Stand Up Paddle received a blood transfusion of energy and youth. Be careful, I do not mean by this that the SUP was in the doldrums, quite the contrary, […]

It is impossible for me to start this Edit without talking about Up#37 and its print magazine celebrating its 10th Anniversary. We continue to enjoy a fulfilled dream that is still circulating through the streets, in your homes and even across borders. We are very grateful for the great acceptance that this magazine is having […]

And going back to the last Edit, I want to ask you, what do you think about when paddling? Especially when you don’t have that pressure of competition or training. I mean, when you go out to paddling without further ado, to let go or as we sometimes say…to disconnect. That’s what I ask myself […]

And you … What do you feel every time you are arriving at your usual spot to do Stand Up Paddle? What do you feel when you go down the stairs from the beach towards the sand? How would you describe that first touch of water with your feet? Surely you have ever hit that […]

Surely you have ever heard about “a roller coaster of sensations”, “a storm of feelings” …right? And I’m sure you’ve felt this more than once. And don’t you think that the Stand Up Paddle can feel it too? Everything that grows, evolves and has its appeal, is a magnet for extremes. It can be both […]

Life goes on, the world keeps turning and we rowing. Or did you think that something or someone would stop us? ¨Time does not stop¨, is a phrase that has not been out of my head for a long time, because time determines that internal clock that we carry inside and tells you to make […]

¨What the SUP has joined, not to be separated by persons¨. In the last 12 months, the words ¨pandemic, coronavirus or state of alarm¨ were repeated in our minds a thousand times. Also in previous editions of our digital magazine, we have talked about the effort of the ¨SUPer¨ community and the dedication for this […]