Up Suping#36

17 May, 2022

And going back to the last Edit, I want to ask you, what do you think about when paddling? Especially when you don’t have that pressure of competition or training. I mean, when you go out to paddling without further ado, to let go or as we sometimes say…to disconnect. That’s what I ask myself when I come across someone paddling, what is that person thinking while doing this sport. Well, there is a very good exercise that I have verified and I recommend it to you, which is to remember everything you have thought while paddling and also do it on land; while you are walking, working, etc. Because the sensations are not the same as standing on a SUP board and surrounded by millions of litres of water… right? Now you just have to choose where you get a better sense of responsibility, of well-being and know that in that place, the one you choose, will be where you really are yourself.

This year we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Up Suping. With 36 published journals (37 if we count the Up#0 test). Behind all this there is a work of countless hours, by all the collaborators and the one who writes these lines; both in the digital magazine and on the website and social networks. And as I always say, this magazine is yours. In 2022 we will do many special things and we hope you like them. For now, here’s a new issue to read long and hard. Ladies and gentlemen…Welcome to Up#36!

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