31 May, 2023

NSP Surfboards Partners with Sports-Camps for Race Board Rentals at the 2023 ICF World Championships in Thailand

25 May, 2023

After 3 events out 13, the EuroTour 2023 is shaping out to be our biggest one yet.

3 May, 2023

The 4th edition of the World SUP Festival was a spectacle, hosting EuroTour and App World Tour competitions in the same weekend

24 April, 2023

Juliana González and Guillerme Batista win the Technical SUP Race at the 2023 PASG

19 April, 2023

Noïc Garioud and Esperanza Barreras winners of the seventh edition of the Sevilla SUP Festival

30 March, 2023

A new edition of the Sevilla SUP Festival awaits you next Saturday, April 15, with the great riders from the EuroTour

23 March, 2023

Entrevista con Daniel Parres, organizador del WSF, aclarando dudas y ofreciendo más información de este gran evento internacional de SUP Race y Foil. ¡No te lo pierdas!

20 March, 2023

Look at the interview with Martin Müller, the Battle for Hercules organiser, where we offer you more information about this great event.

14 March, 2023

Entrevistamos a Jose Carlos Vaz, organizador del Iznájar SUP Race y uno de los creadores del circuito Costa del SUP de Andalucía

21 February, 2023

New video on our YouTube channel: we present you the Airline Starboard 2023 in Up Suping Video & Test

13 February, 2023

Disponible nuestra primera revista digital del año. Up#40 viene cargado con mucho contenido de Stand Up Paddle en España y en todo el mundo

23 January, 2023

Los días 8 y 9 de Abril se disputará la Battle For Hercules, el primer evento internacional de SUP y Surfski en la bella ciudad de Ceuta