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3 mayo, 2018

You can already see the new number of Up Suping in english version…Up#21!


The contrasts of Stand Up Paddle around the world. This great sport divided by hemispheres, in which we can see a handful of adults competing in a SUP race event at 2º degrees of ambient temperature, and at the same time thousands of kilometers a group of children enjoying in swimsuit and T-shirt. In a world where while you are thinking about where you are going to dip your quiver, others have already done so hours ago, or half a day ago.

On this occasion, we will be very brief, because although winter has hit hard in this hemisphere, has been a lot of activity. Events, cruises, waves, rivers and much more. But the most important thing for us is that we know that changes are coming, with a generation that will keep the Stand Up Paddle very hight for a long time. And if you doubt it, look at this piece of magazine (smile)…Welcome to Up#21!

Click to see the uP#21 magazine

Cover Up#21 in english version

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Sobre UpSuping

Somos entusiastas, practicantes y queremos estar y mantener al día a toda la afición y público que les gusta caminar sobre el agua y remar para hacer una buena travesía, pillar olas, bajar un río, entrenarse para competir y simplemente pasarselo bien. Seguímos arriba, de pie y muy comprometidos con el Stand Up Paddle en España, pero sobretodo nos divertimos mucho. Y es que de eso se trata el SUP: hacer amigos, competir sanamente y pasárselo excelente cada vez que entramos a remar.
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