SUP11 City Tour – SUP Day 1: Leeuwarden to Workum

15 septiembre, 2017

Leeuwarden to Workum, Stage 1 of the 4 day SUP11 City Tour has been said to have been the toughest day many paddlers have ever faced.

The 50 km race started in various groups, and each group experienced a different start with various weather. The first were the luckiest with blue skies, but the weather only got worse.

The tour and team paddlers made their way to the start and set off at 8.30am, unfortunately, they took the clear sky with them! Divas, ladies & team competition ladies set off an hour later in the rain and wind, spirits were high and paddling looked strong. Lena Ribeira, Petronella van Malsen and Marta Abruedo remained in the top 3 positions for the ladies for the day… there were some pained, yet relieved looks on their faces as they crossed the line.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-15 at 08.02.23

As the rain continued to pour and wind got stronger the next batch started their lineup. This was the biggest batch of the race the open, masters, and team men. There was a lot of energy and excitement in this group. The men were impressed with the level of paddling throughout all the groups.

Despite waiting in the pouring rain our elite men all set off fast and strong.  They raced hard, pushed themselves further and harder than they have before. Amongst other elite racers, Bruno Hasulyo and Daniel Hasulyo raced in just before a heavy rainstorm, saying it was the hardest thing they have done but happy that they did it together, as brothers, and without each other they would not have made it.

The race was long and hard for all of the paddlers. There were blisters, cuts, tumbles into the water but most importantly there was success!


Sidecar team . SUP11 City Tour - SUP Day 1


SUP11 City Tour – SUP Day 1 RESULTS



SUP 11City Tout / Ruben Salvador


Sobre UpSuping

Somos entusiastas, practicantes y queremos estar y mantener al día a toda la afición y público que les gusta caminar sobre el agua y remar para hacer una buena travesía, pillar olas, bajar un río, entrenarse para competir y simplemente pasarselo bien. Seguímos arriba, de pie y muy comprometidos con el Stand Up Paddle en España, pero sobretodo nos divertimos mucho. Y es que de eso se trata el SUP: hacer amigos, competir sanamente y pasárselo excelente cada vez que entramos a remar.
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