Up Suping#23 English version

5 abril, 2019

We are going to miss so many hours of light that summer has given us in the old continent. Now it’s up to our followers from the other hemisphere…to take advantage! We always long for the magical moments we are leaving behind, but we must prepare to make a place in our minds and time because new adventures will come. I know, with something more cold in the air and in the water. But that we will fight with that worm that characterizes us for taking a paddle and going out to paddling until the adrenaline is expanded by our body…and then we have fulfilled our need…

We want to bring you the heat that comes from this number of Up Suping with very varied content. A lot, just enough to be read calmly and with patience. Travel with your imagination to the different places in the world where Up#23 has arrived, with its different passengers telling great experiences and SUP fans feeling the passion to compete….Welcome to Up # 23!

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