Up Suping#20 engish version

8 mayo, 2018

This time we have been delayed in leaving online, but surely the wait will be worth it. There are already 20 editions that we have published and as always we want to thank all our readers and advertisers for making this work a reality. Best of all, every magazine published is different and very exciting for everyone who makes this magazine. We believe there will be Up Suping for a long time …

Another reason for joy is the good acceptance and reception that Up # 19 has had in its English version. This has made us take another step more internationally. News and changes made with knowledge always bring good results. We do not the same, you have to experiment and acquire more knowledge. Discover all our potential.

Our last days of work were complicated, because our friend and collaborator Jose Puente die. Sadness and pain that made it difficult to concentrate in front of the computer. We can not forget the good vibes he transmitted when he fought every day to fight for his life. So, we want to dedicate this number to Jose and we opted to think that wherever he is, he will continue to take the best of the photos with that quality he always had…Welcome to Up # 20!

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